Love Shout by Loubelle ShopCelebrate The Year End with “Love Shout” by Loubelle Shop

Loubelle Shop has long been the venue for indie gigs in Bandung and the store is now opening its door once again for music enthusiasts to enjoy a year end gig. Titled “Love Shout”, the event aims to further project Loubelle’s vision and mission as a platform to bridge music, lifestyle, and art. The store’s offline activities try to engage three creative channels which are design, music and fashion. The event also acts as a reminder towards the end of the year, to keep the creative juice coming in the midst of busy hectic day of the industry. Held on Friday, 15 December 2017 at the store (Jl. DR Setiabudhi No.56), the event will commence at 5PM and free of charge. For this edition, there will be five indie acts from Bandung and Jakarta. They come from various generations offering different genre of music to the audience. Those bands are The Fox and The Thieves, Wilderness, Peonies, Sunny Summer Day, and Ping Pong Club.

The event is hoped to be an annual event for Loubelle which serves as an alternative space for various communities, disciplines, ages, and circles. This will become a chance for Fox and The Thieves to showcase their new EP “Diversity” which was just released on December 1st. Other than that, Wilderness, Sunny Summer Day, Peonies, and Ping Pong Club are ready to entertain you with their lovely tunes. The event is also supported by TRL Management and FF/WD Records. Expect this show to be an intimate, friendly and lively one so you can really feel the love and passion they put in it. More information about this event, head to Loubelle Shop’s Instagram. See you tonight!