Meet Rayssa Dynta with Her Dreamy Debut Single “Something About Us”
Rayssa Dynta - “Something About Us” Artwork
Rayssa Dynta – “Something About Us” Artwork

Double Deer Records are being too generous these days by introducing a new roster after another. After they launched Mantra Vutura’s debut a while ago, the label is now releasing a solo artist named Rayssa Dynta with a debut single “Something About Us”. No, it is not a cover of Daft Punk’s song though, it is an original single that showcases her lovely and dreamy set of vocals. It sounds childlike at times, but also has an angelic feature to it, making her voice suitable to be mixed in an electro-pop number. Her debut song acts as an introduction of herself personally and as a solo artist, before she launches her debut EP next year called “Prolog”. The song feels light and production wise, it has layers and layers of vocals and electronic instruments that make the record feels full when we listen to it.

Rayssa Dynta with Her Dreamy Debut Single “Something About Us”
Rayssa Dynta with Her Dreamy Debut Single “Something About Us”

The song itself talks about a spark between two people, unveiling a rather mature existence behing the song. In contrary to the nature of the song, we could not help but fall in love with Rayssa Dynta’s lovable and innocent aura from the whole persona of herself. “Prolog” is promised to be a heartfelt writing record wrapped in dreamlike music. Before her solo debut, she has featured on some records of other Double Deer rosters like Arrio on “Drown Me” and Artificial on “Rationale”. Tomorrow, Rayssa and her labelmate, Mantra Vutura will have a showcase on JSC Hive Kuningan to better introduce the new generation of the record label to the public. Listen to her single “Something About Us” and see her live tomorrow!

Rayssa Dynta Showcase
Rayssa Dynta and Mantra Vutura Showcase at JSC Hive