Daramuda Project Present Danilla Renjana SingleDaramuda Project Reveals New Single from Danilla “Renjana”

When three talented ladies are united in a project, then the result must be somewhat amazing. Daramuda Project initiated by Deni Ramdani sees three singers, Danilla Riyadi, Sandrayati Fay and Rara Sekar present their music in the rawest and most intimate way. Using only acoustic guitar, they have already revealed two third of the singles starting from Sandrayati Fay who released a single called “Suara Dunia” a month ago. This time, it is Danilla’s turn to present a single that she has written a long time ago called “Renjana”. Cited from Daramuda Project’s official Instagram, the inspiration for this song came from Danilla’s admiration towards a beautiful natural landscape that has laid upon her eyes for so long. If Sandrayati Fay’s live session for her single was shot in a rice field, then Danilla picked a sandy beach and forest as the background for her shoot. The song is a mellow piece that emphasizes the songstress’ delicate vocals and delightful guitar play. “Renjana” definitely sounds very different from Danilla’s own project as a solo artist where she explores many sounds and effects for her sophomore album “Lintasan Waktu”.

For the music in this project, Deni Ramdani takes the role of a producer, while Adika Hernandi acts as the videographer for both stunning visuals of Sandrayati Fay and Danilla. The three ladies have met on several occasions for this project and they also did a workshop for songwriting back in August. Simultaneously, each of the musician also pursues their solo career while still doing this project as well. Rara Sekar will be up next as the last singer in this project to reveal her single. Judging from the hint they have posted on Instagram, there is a great possibility that Rara Sekar’s shoot will be done on a mountain or forest background. We should also anticipate the collaboration between the three that will be unveiled little by little until next year. Meanwhile, enjoy Sandrayati Fay and Danilla’s singles here.