LAFF 2018 FestivalLove and Fabulous Festival (LAFF) is Coming Your Way in 2018 – Presented by Berlian Entertainment & Hype Festival

Think you have had enough of music festival in Jakarta? Wait until 2018 begins, since a newly established music festival named Love and Fabulous Festival (LAFF). The festival is a love child a.k.a collaboration between Berlian Entertainment and Hype Festival. The event is made possible after Berlian Entertainment’s 8 years journey in Indonesia’s entertainment. The promoter and event organizer was the one in charge behind several notable concerts in the country like SHVR Ground Festival 2017, Andien Metamorfosa Concert, Konser 30 Tahun Kahitna, NKOTBSB Concert, Justin Bieber My World Tour, Janet Number One Concert and many more. To match its name, the celebration is always held in February which is known as the month of love. Formerly named “Love Festival”, the event is transformed into LAFFestival with a brand new unique concept. Both organizers have prepared the guest stars and ideas for this event to present a lovable musical affair. Dino Hamid as the Managing Director from Berlian Entertainment said, “The sensation that we want to give to our audience is the experience of watching festival that has never been held before, where festivalgoers will watch 12 shows in 1 night, that has never happened before here right? We want to present something special and different, whether from the concept or musical content.”

On 10 February 2018, at Jakarta Convention Center, Senayan, LAFFestival will be held for the first time. Those 12 shows will present local and international artists on three different stages namely LOVE, HOPE and PASSION. LOVE stage will represent the meaning of love and decorated in lovely ornaments. HOPE stage will represent positive outlook that will entice the onlookers. While PASSION stage will be filled with passionate ambience represented by young musicians with independent genre of music. For the first line up, as many as 6 special shows have been announced. There are RAISA Handmade Experience, ANDIEN Metamorfosa 2.0., Yura dan Tuan Tuan, D’Essentials Of Groove, NEV+ Sophia Latjub and Jevin Julian x Random Brothers feat. Neonomora, RamenGvrl, and Andini. You could expect another 6 special shows that will be announced earlier next year and of course, international artists. The pre-sale tickets for LAFFestival has been on sale through their website from 8 December to 17 December 2018 with 2 categories, Festival and VIP. For more information regarding the ticket and line up, keep up to date by following LAFF on their social media.

First Phase Ticket Sale 8 December – 17 December 2017:

Festival                         : IDR 500,000.-

VIP                                  : IDR 1.500.000.-

Second Phase Ticket Sale 18 December – 08 January 2018:

Festival                         : IDR 850,000.-

VIP                                  : IDR 1.750.000.-