Linger Presents New Atmosphere Through Single “Condescending”
Linger “Condescending”
Linger Presents New Atmosphere Through Single “Condescending”

Dandy Gilang is not a new face on Indonesia’s music scene, especially in his hometown, Malang. He has succeeded in bringing Write The Future and Much into the spotlight, and that does not stop the 24-year-old musician in doing another project. He pursues a solo career under the name of Linger and in 2016, he has released a single called “Congratulations, You’re Getting Old” through Soundcloud. The song was received warmly by the listeners who got the chance to see another side of this musician, aside from his bands. A year apart, Linger reveals his second single called “Condescending” on digital streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, etc. This single was launched under Fallyears Records where other bands like Beeswax, Dizzyhead, and The Talkboy are under.

Linger Presents New Atmosphere Through Single “Condescending”
Dandy Gilang

The 3 minute 10 second song is thick with indie rock flavor with a touch of Midwest sound, it is as if taking the listeners to move their bodies according to the song’s dynamic rhythm. Dandy himself admitted that he was influenced with Philly sound that can also be heard in act like Modern Baseball. He also cited Jeff Rosenstock as his main role model and that is why you could also hear a touch of punk in this song. As far as the meaning of the song goes, “Condescending” means a feeling of being better than someone else and everyone must have felt this way once. “You and I must have felt better or more capable than someone else. On the other hand, even if I want to be better, I don’t want to be ‘holier than thou’. So, the point of the song is trying to do something, to do better, but at the same time avoiding to become pretentious,” explained Dandy.

Linger have performed on several occasions live, especially on acoustic format. This second single further laments Dandy Gilang’s desire to expand his music career with the help of Bagas Yudhiswa in the mixing and mastering department. The new single can be listened below.


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