Seahoarse Apprentice Single Across
Seahoarse Serve Music Video for “Across The Table”

Yogyakarta’s dream-pop unit, Seahoarse are back better than ever with their new music video release. “Across The Table” is picked as the band’s second single and music video after “Apprentice” served as their first single under new label, Kolibri Rekords. Taken from their debut album “Magical Objects”, the visual for this song came from the mind of Omar Prazhari who is also the member of their labelmate, ATSEA, in collaboration with Nadya Isabella. Nadya who is also the main star of this video and Omar are both currently continuing their studies abroad, to Vancouver, Canada to be exact. That is why we could see Canada’s autumn season as the background for this video. The concept for this video was developed from the lyrics in the song which was written by Gisela Swaragita. “Across The Table” talks about a long journey to find that someone, when after all that person has been sitting across our table all along. Omar used a clever analogy as the basic concept of the video, the search for that missing person is compared to missing things that we always look for.

The scene starts off with Nadya forgetting something that she should bring on her bag. Then she frantically looks for this thing throughout the video that includes a raid to her roommate’s bedroom and a long contemplation. We’re pretty sure that this kind of thing happens to us on daily basis and we could relate to this scenes a lot. “I translate what Gisa said with ‘Someone that you’ve been waiting for so long turns out to be sitting in front of you’ with a thing that you’ve been looking for so hard actually has been so close to you all along,” explained Omar about this video’s meaning. So, next time you are in search of soulmate, have you tried looking into your circle of friend? Moreover, the band’s debut album can be listened on digital streaming services and purchased in its physical format on your nearest record store. Watch the video of “Across The Table” below.