Black Rose From Maria Hope Single
Pic by: Dedi Widianto
Black Rose From Maria Resurface with New Single “Hope”

Formed in 2008. post-hardcore band from Malang, Black Rose From Maria decided to go on a long hiatus until in 2017 they re-emerged with a new single called “Hope”. Billy (vocal), Kriba (guitar), Yeremia (guitar) and Adioka (drum) reunited to prove that the band still got a long way to go. The song, as the title suggests, signifies hope and an encouragement for themselves or others who ever feel discriminated or underestimated by their peers to never give up and do whatever it takes to reach their dreams. “In this song, we pour our worries that we feel. Breaking out from the sadness that traps us, this is the time for us to move on since there is always hope that comes and it will come true,” said Billy, the vocalist of BRFM. The band try to collaborate with a female vocalist, Cynantia from Jakarta’s band, Stereowall. She sings the chorus of this song after Billy fills in the verses with his skramz.

The 4 minutes and 25 seconds song try to send a message that although mishaps, accidents, and disasters have come your way, you could always get back up and learn from the past. Throughout their long career, Black Rose From Maria often saw member changes. The BRFM we see know is entirely different from the original band formation, and it continued with some members departure and return to the band, until they are settled with four members now. Some changes included position change where Billy is now the vocalist, where he used to be the guitarist. Nonetheless, BFRM still keep their scream-vocal characteristic even with new vocalist. The single “Hope” is only the beginning of this band’s return to the music scene and they plan to release an EP in near future. Keep your eyes and ears on this one, and enjoy “Hope” on digital streaming services!

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