Olski Datang Bulan SingleOlski Release Their Second Single “Datang Bulan”

Yogyakarta’s indie pop unit, Olski, have returned with their second single titled “Datang Bulan”. Previously the band who are known for their cute sounding tune, have revealed their debut song “Tunggu”. The band that consists of Febrina Claudya (Vocal, Kazoo), Dicki Mahardika (Gitar, Gitalele, Ukulele), Shohih Febriansyah (Toy Keyboard, Glockenspiel, Pianika) and Atika Adenia (Perkusi, Drum) plan to release their first ever album that will be out soon. On first listen, compared to their first single, this song has more pop vibe to it. For girls, you must have been familiar with the phrase the band use for the title. It is no other than a monthly period that woman has to go through. “The point of this single is waiting for the moon to come, but since we were confused when thinking about the title so we just used the title ‘Datang Bulan’. At first we would like to ask what is the best title for this song, but we scrapped it and just use ‘Datang Bulan’ instead,” explained Dea, the vocalist of Olski.

This song is dedicated for those who are in a long distance relationship as it tells about a pair who are separated by distance. However they still got to spend time together every night, seeing upon the same moon. In this song, the band collaborated with other musicians such as Faizal Aditya on bass,  Fairuz Inas on flute, Stephanie Putri on cello and Billy Dinata on piano. Shohih was responsible in writing this song based on his own personal experience. His longing to his then girlfriend inspired him to write a song about it, then he told Dicki and both finish the song together. The song has been released on digital format which can be downloaded for free here and their forthcoming album “In The Wood”. You can start placing the pre-order for this record on Olski’s Instagram here.