Festival Film Dokumenter 2017 Festival Film Dokumenter Bring The Theme “Post-Truth” for This Year

(11/28) YOGYAKARTA – Festival Film Dokumenter (FFD) returns with its 16th edition this year by bringing the theme “Post-Truth”. On a press conference held on Thursday, 23 November 2017, the organizer announced the programs, competitions as well as accompanying events that will be held during the festival which will run from 9 – 15 December 2017. The theme “Post-Truth” was chosen to represent and respond the current condition of truth today. Documentary films act as a medium for building perception and provides an alternative truth to what is often watered down or hidden by media and government alike. The event will be held in three different venues in Yogyakarta which are Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, IFI-LIP Yogyakarta and Villa Sambal. The main agenda for the events are divided into four which are competition, main screening, Parsial and critic film workshop. The category of Long Documentary competition is once again held in an international level, while the short and student documentary are held in national level. So far, FFD have received 43 films in Long Documentary category, 85 films in Short Documentary, and 24 films in Students Documentary.

Festival Film Dokumenter 2017

The main screening is divided into five programs and there are Perspektif, Spektrum, Dear Memory: Eksperimentasi Ingatan, Doc Music, and Program Spesial: 5 Pulau / 5 Desa. Perspektif is a non-competition screening which have the same theme as the festival. Spektrum will deliver a various selection of documentary films from around the world. Dear Memory program will see how memory is represented through audio, visual and text. Doc Music is a newly established program in collaboration with British Council through UK/ID Festival, which will see how musician or music movement is documented. While “5 Pulau / 5 Desa” which was created in collaboration with Goethe Institut, will send Indonesian filmmakers to premier their documentary films in 5 villages in Germany. The project began with film “5 Pulau” and later on as the latest part of the project, film “5 Desa” will be screened and discussed. Moreover on its Parsial agenda, FFD will hold several programs like  Asian Doc, Docu Francaise, Le Mois du Film Documentaire, Focus Japan, National Film Board Canada and Dear Memory: Ingatan Dalam Dokumenter. Asian Doc is a collaboration between FFD and 12th Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival (JAFF), and Docu Francaise is a cooperation between FFD and IFI. National Film Board Canada is a collaboration between FFD and Canada Embassy, while in Focus Japan, FFD works with Japan Foundation. As an educative measure, there will be workshop on how to respond to documentary films as well. Festival Film Dokumenter 2017 is truly a celebration for cinema lovers in Yogyakarta, so don’t miss their whole agenda and get the full program, judges, schedule and screened films on their website.