Biennale Jogja XIV Festival Equator #4 Organizing Chaos
Opening Speech by Trisni Rahayu
“Organizing Chaos” on Biennale Jogja Equator #4 Presents Awakening Artworks

(11/25) YOGYAKARTA- Located at Jogja National Museum, another program that is scheduled in conjunciton with Biennale Jogja XIV main exhibition was held since Saturday, 25 November up to 2 December 2017. Titled Festival Equator with the theme “Organizing Chaos”, the exhibition features artists from Indonesia. They are AORSI (Asosiasi Olah Raga Sketsa Indonesia), Canka Mahameru, Dhomas “Kampret” Yudhistira, Digie Sigit, Estehanget, Erson Padapiran, Fj Kunting, Ismu Ismoyo (OTeWe), Kukomikan, Rolli “LoveHateLove”, SD Tumbuh, and Yayas (The Portable). The Equator project has been held for quite some time and aims to facilitate a dialog about problems that lies around equator line as well as discourses that will be spread to the society. The theme itself was picked to be in sync with Biennale Jogja XIV’s main theme which is “Age of Hope”. With the exhibition, it tries to highlight the problem that our society face throughout history. A consciousness or awaraness is tried to be awaken through some events that have happened abnormally. There were implicit phrases or text, that are put on some of the artworks to remind people about traumatic events in the past in relation with today’s events happening in Yogyakarta.

Biennale Jogja XIV Festival Equator #4 Organizing Chaos
Performance Art by FJ Kunting

Without putting the attributes to the artists participated in this festival, the definition of events is returned to the public once again. They silently and sneakily work in the course of 30 days during October 2017. Not only documentation or process, this exhibition is also a reflective action for the public with the events that the artists bring out. It explores the notion of constructive ideas within our society, whether it could be seen as a conscious construction frame or how far it will awaken a new consciousness among people nowadays. Since the exhibition is ending this weekend, you’d better catch all the artworks and maybe it could entice a whole new thoughts or inspire you to react to the current problems that are occurring.

Biennale Jogja XIV Festival Equator #4 Organizing Chaos
Performance Art from Tumbuh Elementary

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