Closure Slow Drive Music VideoLet’s Take A Journey To The West with Closure “Slow Drive” Music Video

Post punk collective from Malang, Closure have just finished their mini tour to Jakarta and now have recorded some footage for their “Slow Drive” music video. The band first appeared a year ago and made their debut showcase at Renjana #2 bringing their first two songs, “Slow Drive” and “Warehouse”. On January 2017, their first single “Slow Drive” was released and received warm welcome from the listeners. Their first EP was also released by Jakarta’s record label, O’ Pamela Records. Now as the year has gone by, a music video for “Slow Drive” was finally released onto Closure’s Youtube channel. The video shot using an old VHS recorder style, found the band go on a trip to Jakarta for their tour. Starting from their departure on Malang’s train station to their pranks towards one another. Other than the band members, we could also take a look into Closure’s behind the scene team from the managers, crews, soundman, and many more. It captured candid moments as the band went through their first ever tour as Closure.

The band also announced that they are currently preparing their full-length album soon. Afif Amrullah (guitar), Axel (bass), Dheka (vocal, keyboard), Bella (guitar) and Biting (drum) also uploaded their audio clips onto Youtube. This was done in order to prevent illegal upload by unknown third parties who want to monetize Closure’s works. Without further ado, let’s enjoy the journey to the west with “Slow Drive” music video below. Follow them on Instagram to get their latest updates.