Whitenoir Everyone is Different AlbumWhitenoir Are Preparing Their 1st Full-Length Album “Everyone is Different”

After few singles, music video, lyrics video and an EP, grunge band from Malang Whitenoir are preparing their first full lenght album this year. Previously the three-membered band have revealed 4-track “Feed Me” EP back in 22 April 2017 during Record Store Day. This time, they add more songs to make it a full length record titled “Everyone is Different”. The title is chosen to indicate that the world we’re living in is filled with people of different personalities, ethnic, race, culture, and many more. The differences and diversity are the reasons that make an object becomes interesting to watch, and music is one of the platform to show that difference. The album is hoped to convey a message that music has no boundaries, no matter where the band comes from or its background. It is something that becomes the concern of many bands outside of Jakarta Greater Area or other big cities, that sometimes the listeners judge ones’ music from their origins although it does not affect the outcome. Every musician or band has different characteristics that is unique and how wonderful it would be if the listeners accept all kinds of music.

Whitenoir Everyone is Different Album“In our opinion, music isn’t limited on specific city or background of a band. It would be a  lot of fun if we could enjoy all variety of music. If that plurality is applied in by the majority, then diversity will become beneficial to many bands,” said Whitenoir through a press release. There is no exact date on when the album is going to be released but they cited “coming soon” in their notes. It is also stated that they are currently doing the tracking process for their first full-length album.With this announcement, it is also revealed that Whitenoir has underwent member changes and it now consists of Kassala Lynk Uno (bass, vocal), Eki Wibisono Darmawan (guitar, singer), and Ade Kurnia Rajasa (drum, singer). Their new album will be released via Popflesh Records, so stay tuned to their social media for latest updates.