Wadah Pola #01 A Regular Thematic Marketplace in BandungWadah Pola #01 : A Regular Thematic Marketplace in Bandung

If you’re in Bandung and looking for an event to attend this weekend, then the newly established Wadah Pola might be the perfect choice. It is a thematic marketplace event that is planned to be held regularly in Bandung. Organized by Spasial in collaboration with Go Ahead People, the platform aims to present the potential from creative workers in Bandung to be acknowledged and noticed by a wider mass. On its first edition, Wadah Pola takes the theme of “Pita Suara” which highlights music as the main theme. There will be tenants that will sell various items regarding music. You could expect record stores will participate in the event, but that does not stop there. There will also other aspects from music besides releases like music instruments, zine, service like recording or instrument’s maintenance, band’s merch and many more.

If a marketplace only does not satisfy your hunger for music related things, then there will be sharing session, exhibition, movie screening and music showcase in the one-day event. StageID as a community of stage photographer around Indonesia based in Bandung will share their experience and tips about taking  a great picture on stage. Secco Guitar, a local guitar producer will also share about their products. “Good Vibrations” (2012) is the movie they pick to be screened and it tells the journey of Terry Hooley, whose name was popular for his significance on Irish’ punk rock scene, especially in Belfast. Mondo Gascaro, Sandrayati Fay, Mario Panji (Rusamilitan) and Deugalih will entertain the visitors while they stroll around the venue and immerse themselves in music. All of these things will happen this Saturday, 18 November 2017 at Spasial and it’s free of charge for those above 18 years of age. Lighten up your Saturday night in Bandung by attending this event!