Rumah Serem The Morning Star SingleOrkes Crossover Unit, Rumah Serem Unveil Second Single “The Morning Star”

The forever witty orkes crossover unit from Malang, Rumah Serem are serving their second single called “The Morning Star” on digital format. Starting from 31 October 2017, the listeners have been able to stream the single which was recorded at AA Studio with the help from Gigih “Gege” Praseta from Goodboy Jimmy to mix and master the track. With a closer listen to the song, Rumah Serem try to escape the same old formula trap by including more Indonesian pop element rather than dangdut and orkes which can be found on their debut single “Kopine Pak Jokowi”. If you remember those love songs with a hint of Melayu’s influence back in early 2000, then this song is similar to it. It is a slow tempo number that we could see being played on every minimarket corner in town. The lyrics of “The Morning Star” was inspired by the experience of Danang (bassist), Supri (guitarist), Momu (guitarist) and Amin (vocalist) in 2015. Momu admitted to be influenced by The Panasdalam and Pidi Baiq in making the lyrics.

Rumah Serem The Morning Star Single“Yes actually this song was made in 2015, when almost all of us involved in campus organization. Then in 2017 it was recorded and released,” said Mustofa, a part of Rumah Serem. The artwork for the single was created by Danang “Mang Danas” Tri Wahono with the help of Gara Liu to digitalize the artwork. The band plan to make a music video for this song just like what they did with “Kopine Pak Jokowi”. The video was directed by Momu who is also a part of Ruang Tunggu film community and a behind-the-scene clip was uploaded onto their Youtube yesterday. There is no exact date when they gonna reveal the whole video, but at the mean time, you can stream the single on digital streaming services that was distributed by IHG Distribution.