Bandung Design Biennale 2017Bandung Design Biennale 2017 Will Roll Out Starting in November 23rd

The latest series of Bandung Design Biennale will return in November 23rd organized by Forum Design Bandung and House The House Experience. Bandung Design Biennale is an initiative arises from a fundamental idea that has a purpose to implement the potential power of design. In December 2015, Bandung received an award from Unesco Creative Cities Network (UCCN) in the category of The City of Design. The city is believed to have optimized its creative potential and has increased the well being of its citizens. In 2016, Forum Design Bandung was formed by ADPII West Java, ADGI Bandung and HDII West Java to stimulate the progress of science, the social impact and design industry that was born and developed as the axis of economic Bandung city. In the next 30 years, Bandung Design Biennale is hoped to be a catalyst for potential economic; science, civilization, and growing strategically to be the axis of the transformation of the world community.

Starting from November 23rd until 3oth at Gudang Selatan, there will be a series of inspiring program ranging from exhibitions, market, public shows and conferences that can be enjoyed by various groups of visitors, 30 more programs, will fill up this series of event, as an inspiring destination agenda.Bandung Design Biennalle expected to be an outstanding exhibition of ideas and ingenuity, that demonstrate designer capability to create ‘universal solutions’ to problems which concern us all. Bandung, with great achievement in design makes the city is perfect to conquered it all. The event will be joined by lots of design houses, design schools, design districts and experts in this field. You could also participate in these events and help to celebrate Bandung as the city of design in Indonesia. For more information and programs, kindly head to this website.