Felix! Saturday Night Karaoke Split TapeFelix! Split Tape with Saturday Night Karaoke Has Been Released

Saturday Night Karaoke, the pop-punk band from Bandung might have announced their split months ago. But they won’t go down without any last release as a parting gift with their listeners. Under Rizkan Records, the band released a split tape with Felix! The Band, a Japanese pop punk group. Rizkan Records put out this split tape as a co-release alongside other labels like Waterslide Records and Geekmonger Records. Felix! and Saturday Night Karaoke both contribute 6 songs each in this album, making the LP contains 12 songs in total. Felix! do catchier tunes in this album and present a more dynamics in terms of melodies. They do a cover of Saturday Night Karaoke’s song called “It Took 18 Minutes to Write This Song”. While Saturday Night Karaoke also sound more power pop and decided to return Felix!’s favor by covering their song called “Everywhere You Go”.

TitledYes Band Photo Tape Vol 01, the album is the second pressing that was done via Rizkan Records after it was first pressed under Geekmonger Records. Saturday Night Karaoke once again put their heavy Japanese influence in their songs that can be found on this album, including their already released single “Bam Bam Bam”. Despite being the best selling band in the record label, as stated on the press release, the decision to split up might be the best for everyone in their case. This album also has a CD version which was done by Japanese record label, Waterslide Records which you might be familiar with after they repress eleventwelfth’s debut album in Japan and host SNK’s tour there. What done is done, and we could not make SNK unsplit, so let’s savor their last legacy on music scene by enjoying this split tape. The cassette tapes are available in limited quantity which you can find here.