Guns Telievision AlbumRock Group, Guns Release Their Debut Album “Telievision”

It took rock unit from Malang called Guns two years to finally release their album “Telievision”. The band always try to break the mold with their unusual topic of interests and titles, including with this record. Alif (vocal), Refo (guitar), Farhan (guitar), Eldy (bass) and Eben (drum) picked the title of this album from the word ‘television’ which is misspelled. The title could irk grammar nazis out there, but let them voice out the reason behind this. “Telievision” started from their concern about TV as a mass media which often spreads false news, hoax. and misleading information that can cause harm to those who watch. The album contains 8 tracks in total, and there you could find various influences in their rock music. We heard some punk in several tracks as well as grunge on “Melawan Arus”. It is said that their music exude a strong 70’s – 90’s rock tunes. Guns have previously released some singles as a warm up starting from last year and they are “Melawan Arus”, “Roda Dua” and “Jennytalia” which has an eccentric play on word genitalia.

Guns Telievision AlbumIf their titles alone could not make you raise your eyebrows, then wait until you see their live performance. Guns have a gimmick of bringing a television on stage. They do not put on any channel, but they turn on the tv instead to catch the audience’s attention. They also go as far as slamming their guitars after their set upon the cheering crowd. Oh well, it must be a chaos up there but anything for a good show man! Guns create this album with all of other details like recording, mixing, mastering and producing the merchandise independently with their team. With this album, they hope to break the dominance of musicians from other big cities. Hopefully “Telievision” is a strong enough bullet for them to launch their music career in national level. The album is available to be streamed on Spotify or iTunes, and the CD could also be purchased through their social media. If only we could tell the lyrics of their songs clearly, we could sing along with Guns. Other than that, their music is full of fury and the world keeps on pouring gasoline, so it catches fire. You can’t understand our analogy? Then listen to their album yourself below.