Klavikula Unspoken EPIndie Pop Band from Yogyakarta, Klavikula Release “Unspoken” EP

From a circle of friends who met during their college days at Universitas Gadjah Mada, Novega Ghufron Arlinka (guitar), Widanta Kharisma Nugraha (keyboard), Fuad Noor Rahardyan (drum), Ria Santi Oktaviani Manik (vocal) and Roby Eka Pramudita (bass) formed Klavikula in the late 2015. The indie pop band from Yogyakarta first emerged with their original music in April 2016 when they released “Mulai Dari Mana”. On November 4th, the band released an EP called “Unspoken” filled with three new songs “Yang Terindah”, “Suatu Saat Nanti” and “Unspoken Goodbye”. Through this EP, Klavikula have a message they want to convey through this album which is in the end of the day, we are all being left behind. Despite this underlying message, Vega the frontman said that they do not want to constrict the interpretation of the listeners and let the music and visual of the album affect them.

Klavikula Unspoken EPThese three songs were chosen from several materials that Klavikula has made over the past year. They chose three songs to represent a trilogy within an album. “During the process it was pretty challenging, because we created works with full consideration in every touch and in the midst of the packed schedule at that time,” recalled Fuad about the making of this album. The songs are easy listening and very radio friendly, their song “Yang Terindah” is the lead single in this album. However among those three, we prefer “Unspoken Goodbye” better since it sounds very sad. The album could be listened on digital streaming services like Spotify, iTunes, JOOX, Amazon, Deezer, Guvera, Apple Music and many more. If you’re interested in purchasing their physical album, head to Klavikula’s social media to pre-order. Enjoy their debut EP “Unspoken” below and they wish their music would attract many listeners and supports.