Indische Party, Flower Girls in Europe
Indische Party x Flower Girls
Indische Party, Flower Girls & David Tarigan Introduce Indonesian Rock N’ Roll to Europe

In October, it has been reported that Indische Party will commence their “Analog Tour” to Malaysia and Europe. Returning from their trip abroad, Indische Party along with Flower Girls and David Tarigan lived to tell their exciting tales about “Europalia Art Festival”. With the theme “60’s & 70’s Indonesian Rock N’ Roll Night”, the three acts graced the stage at “Rich Mix”, an event held at Bethnal Green Road, London on 20 October 2017. A hundred spectators came to see their show with most of them came from their home land of Indonesia. Following a little bit mishap prior to the show, they managed to handle the situation well and finished their set. The next day, they embarked to Brussels, Belgium to perform at Les Brigittines, an old church which was turned into a concert venue. Approximately 500 people showed up and this time the audience varied. There were people from Italy, Austria, Brazil and very few Indonesian people. The songs performed by Indische Party, Flower Girls and David Tarigan received warm welcome from them. An encore was ensued after Flower Girls performed and they brought along other performers to be on stage with them. David Tarigan with his DJ set played songs from 60’s and 70’s era, and people would not leave the party scene until 4AM in the morning.

Indische Party, Flower Girls in Europe
Flower Girls

“We are all happy. Moving around four countries in the span of two weeks (Indische Party went to Malaysia beforehand), never would we have thought that we could do this. We thought that our recording process at Abbey Road Studios was our highest achievement, but doing this tour and saw the high enthusiasm from the crowd, we are curious about what would happen next,” said Japs Shadiq, Indische Party’s vocalist about their experience. Flower Girls as the tribute band to the legendary Dara Puspita also could not hide their amusement at the audience’s response. “We were surprised when the organizer asked us to create a tribute band for Dara Puspita. Proud, excited, afraid, all feelings were mixed. But it was all paid off with the happiness during the trip and fun events, added with the support of fellow performers, organizer, curator, sound engineer, security, audience. They all left impressions on us until we returned to Jakarta,” remarked Yuyi Trirachma, the bassist and vocalist of Flower Girls. It is time for Europeans to acknowledge our country’s take on rock n’ roll music in that era, hopefully these acts’ performances will open the door for other artists from Indonesia.

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