HMGNC 5th Album Launching PartyHMGNC Will Hold 5th Album Launching and Reunion with Risa Saraswati

HMGNC have just released their fifth self-titled album a while ago, and the electronic trio from Bandung will present an album launching party this week. Their fifth album is said to represent a new chapter for the band as it signifies a new color in their music without diminishing their old soul. A special occasion is prepared for their 5th album which is “5th Album Release Party” that will be held on Sunday, 12 November 2017. The show will take place at Auditorium IFI Bandung with limited 250 tickets for sale. The presale ticket that costs IDR50,000 can be purchased through Omuniuum, Loubelle Shop, Unkl347 and for those who purchase the presale ticket through will get HMGNC’s CD while the stock lasts. On the spot ticket will be sold at IDR75,000. The band spilled some news that they will play several new songs from their latest album, as well as their old discographies with new arrangement for the concert. To add a hint of nostalgia, HMGNC have asked their first vocalist Risa Saraswati to sing on stage and she agreed to the offer.

The release party will present a new concept “Spread of The Light” which promises the audience a play of lighting the exudes romantic vibe. The lights will turn on and off according to the beats of HMGNC’s music, that reminds us of Coldplay’s glowing bracelets. “We’ve been together for more than ten years. The music that we play now is a long journey that has gone through a lot of steps. Our exploration never stops,” said Dina Dellyana. Asked about their decision to invite their old vocalist on board, HMGNC said that they have a good reason behind it. “The albums in Risa’s era still got good responsese, from the fans there is also hope to ask Risa to return and sing again, so we think that this concert is the right time, besides our fifth album showcase it is also a reunion. Whoever that has been a part of HMGNC, whether it’s ex member, ex manager, or even ex crew are still part of HMGNC’s family,” adds Dina. After their long spanning career, the band went on hiatus for three years before returning with new materials. Now the band are comprised of Amandia Syachridar (vocal), Dina Dellyana (synth/programming) and Grahadea kusuf  (synth/programming). See you on their concert this Sunday!

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