Gardika Gigih Releases Nyala Album
Pic by: Timoteus Anggawan Kusno
Gardika Gigih Finally Releases “Nyala” Album via Sorge Records

After a series of singles, music video, and live session, finally piano prodigy Gardika Gigih reveals his solo album “Nyala” on 6 November 2017. Both physical and digital version of the album is released today via Sorge Records, a record label based in Bandung.  In a short interview prior to the album release, Gardika Gigih explained about the origin of this album’s title. “Everyone must have had a dark period in their lives. So, this album talks about hope. No matter how hard the situation is, we will be alright in the end,” said Gardika Gigih. He also went on elaborating the atmosphere he wants to build in his debut solo album. “Nyala” contains lots of emotions and a result of an honest confession of one’s feeling. You could find happiness, sadness, love, anger, dissapointment, optimism, pesimism and hope within the 13 tracks included in this album. It presents various spectrum of feelings that represent humans’ complex system.

Gardika Gigih Releases Nyala AlbumStarted with an offer to make his own solo album, and took two plus years in the making, Gardika Gigih overcame his doubt and finally releases this album which was recorded during one session at Koendjono Seminary Room at Sanata Dharma University, Yogyakarta. The live recording session would not happen without the help of several musicians that are Suta Suma Pangekshi (violin), Dwi Ari Ramlan (viola), Alfian Aditya (cello), Wasis Tanata (drum), Febrian Mohammad (acoustic guitar), Desti Indrawati (mezzo soprano), Nurhana Azizia Latief (soprano), Damar Sosodoro (electric guitar), Rara Sekar (poem reader), and Ananda Badudu (vocal). Gata Mahardika did each of the single artwork in this album which took half year in the making, while the album artwork and CD package were done by Mufqi Hutomo, a Bandung based illustrator. Fully supported by Sorge Records, the album is now available to be purchased in CD format that costs IDR70,000 in your nearest record stores or you could place online order through Sorge Records email here. Behold is the full tracklist of the album and you can stream it as well through Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and other digital streaming outlets.

“Nyala” Tracklist

1. Rain is Falling from You
2. Kereta Senja
3. Michiko
4. Dan Hujan I
5. Pada tiap Senja
6. Dan Hujan II
7. Hujan dan Cahaya
8. Lucent
9. Nyala
10. Improvisasi
11. Kepada Kuning (an old photograph)
12. And We Saw the Lights Beyond the Hill
13. Ending: Departure