Biennale Jogja XIV ExhibitionBiennale Jogja XIV Has Opened Its Main Exhibition Program!

(11/2) On Thursday, Biennale Jogja XIV with the theme ‘Age of Hope’ has officially been opened. The main exhibition features 27 artists and 12 Brazilian artists that are displayed at Jogja National Museum. “Biennale as a public space for conversation of the arts will hopefully bring about “new” possibilities that are better for the future” said Dodo Hartoko, the director of the program. Prior to the main exhibition, a public intervention called “Organizing Chaos” was held across the city of Yogyakarta. The artworks were put in various public spaces that reflect the current state of society. During the media preview, curator Pius Sigit put out his wish and explain the philosophy behind the theme “Age of Hope”. “When we stop hoping, it means we become the hope itself”, said Pius Sigit. Officiated by the representative of Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X and accompanied by Mr. Rubem Antonio Corrêa Barbosa, as the Ambassador of Brazil for Indonesia and Triawan Munaf, the chief of Creative Economy Agency of Indonesia, it started with “Organizing Chaos” live performance. Daniel Lie, Erson Padaripan, FJ Kunting, Digie Sigit, Rolly Lovehatelove, Ismu and Kukomikan Community, El Kamprettoz, and Aorsi Community are few of the artists that were involved in the performance.

Biennale Jogja XIV Exhibition
Jono Terbakar

With 39 artists presenting their newest works, the exhibition aims at stirring our most basic feelings and bring us on a 60 minutes sensorial experience starting from the Denial of the Reality, and moving towards the 7 stages of narration, as they happen in our everyday life, such as Anger at Circumstances, Despair at Nothingness, Life beyond Death, Consolation at Nothingness, Reality Awareness, and Reality Acceptance. Each artist brings out essential messages in an effort to read our reality sincerely and truthfully. You can see several powerful artworks from the artists there including works from Arin Sunaryo from Bandung, Cinthia Marcelle & Tiago Mata Machado from Brazil as well as Daniel Lie’s artwork. Each of them explore different notion within their own stage of narration. At 7PM, performances from Jono Terbakar, the metal acoustic group from Yogyakarta, folk singer Jason Ranti from Jakarta and Tetangga Pak Gesang from Bandung entertained the guests while they were watching the exhibition. Biennale Jogja XIV will run until 10 December 2017 at Jogja National Museum and  for more information, you can go here.