NonaRia Antri Yuk Lyrics VideoNonaRia Encourage You to Queue with New Video for “Antri Yuk”

The most patient people are those who can stand in line without having the urge to cut the queue. Unfortunately, that habit is not really emphasized in our culture especially in Jakarta where time is gold and everyone tries to rush everything. Trio NonaRia are inspired by this phenomenon and put it into a song called “Antri Yuk”. The single has been released in digital format last April and it all started from an event “Sisterhood Gigs” that required the trio to create an original composition to be performed. “Most people can not and do not have the conscience to be discipline in queuing. At the road, at cross section, or at the exit toll, even if there is a queue, people tend to cut in line from the side. Because they are selfish. Those who do not want to stand in line, make the traffic more packed and lead to traffic jam, it pissed me off,” said Nanin from NonaRia.

On “Antri Yuk”, Nesia Ardi (vocal & snare), Nanin Wardhani (piano & accordion) and Yasintha Pattiasina (violin) emphasize 50’s style of music and utilize daily phrases in the lyrics. The song has a sweet and cheerful melodies that could easily stuck in the back of our heads. The ragtime rhythm really suits the overall vibe of the song and the three ladies look as jolly as ever playing this song and encourage others to pick up a positive habit. The lyrics video was released today, and sees NonaRia perform the song in a backyard. “Hopefully, by listening to this song people could learn to be more discipline, well organized, and are willing to queue, become a more civilized society. If everyone is patient and well mannered, then everything will run more smoothly,” added Nanin, who composed the song. Let’s take note from NonaRia and live a stress free life by queuing!