Mocca Re-Release "I Remember" SingleMocca Re-release “I Remember” to Commemorate 18th Anniversary

“I Remember” is a timeless anthem for love, friendship and other sweet memories, and Mocca re-release one of their biggest hit in digital format yesterday. First of November is celebrated as Mocca’s anniversary and in 2017, the band has officially experienced 18 years of career. Arina Ephipania, Riko Prayitno, Toma Pratama and Indra Massad went through a lot of ups and downs as a band including a long hiatus when Arina decided to pursue her education. Returning in 2015 with album “HOME”, Mocca prove to be stronger than ever and Swinging Friends (Mocca’s fans) are still loyal by their sides. The new version of the single has some fresh addition in the string department. Mocca invited Achi Hardjakusumah, an ex-member of band SHE to fill in the string section. It is the first time for “I Remember” to be released digitally in 12 years, after it first emerged in 2005 as part of “Catatan Akhir Sekolah” Original Soundtrack. “The addition of string from Achi made this song sounds sweeter and a little bit witty,” said Arina Ephipania. If you listen to the song closely, then you must be able to distinguish Arina’s voice to be more mature-sounding than the old version.

Mocca Re-Release "I Remember" Single“I Remember” was inspired by Stone Temple Pilots’ song called “Daisy” as admitted by Riko himself. Before it was released in Indonesia, Mocca re-released this single in South Korea via Beatball Records. The band found fame in South Korea and their songs are often used as background music for popular variety show or drama. Back in September, they shared stage with K-pop acts on Asia Song Festival 2017. The lyrics video for the new version has also been released and shows footage from Mocca since their early days. They re-release this single with a hope to strengthen their bond as a band and to enable them to keep creating music. “Now Mocca’s songs do not only belong to the four of us but also become soundtracks for Mocca’s listeners out there. So keep your chin up and be happy!” closes Riko Prayitno. Peek the new version of “I Remember” by Mocca on digital streaming services like Spotify, JOOX, Apple Music and watch the sweet lyrics video here.