Anomalyst Segara Concert Album ShowcaseAnomalyst Successfully Held Album Showcase with “Segara” Concert

Last Saturday, an alternative band hailing from Jakarta called Anomalyst held their debut album showcase in a concert called “Segara”. Taking place at Auditorium IFI Thamrin, the concert hall was opened since 6PM. The visitors were able to purchase merchandise that was available on the spot which is a tote bag and a t-shirt with “Segara” artwork printed on it. Prior to their performance, rising folk singer Oscar Lolang opened the show with his set. He brought the songs from his album “Drowning in A Shallow Water” with minimalist music arrangement. He managed to warm up the night last weekend before the main performer showed up. Anomalyst then took over the stage and during the album launching showcase, they performed all the songs from it as well as some hidden tracks that can not be found in the album. In total, 13 songs were brought by Anomalyst in their showcase. Before finally debuting with an album, Anomalyst have released a couple of singles and performed as the opening act for Scaller’s album showcase of “Senses”.

Anomalyst Segara Concert Album ShowcaseIFI Auditorium was filled with people who were invited as well as spectators who wanted to watch what this band have to offer with their first album. The atmosphere was warm and the album launching went smoothly. Four members of the band were accompanied with two additional members and made the live arrangement sounded more grande and festive. Not to mention, even Anomalyst’s manager was not shy to show his musical skill by performing on stage and showed what he got. The whole event entertained us from the beginning to end, even though it started out a little bit late than scheduled. Their album “Segara” can be purchased in its physical CD format as well as digital. To get the latest update from Anomalyst, follow them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and don’t forget to subscribe to their Youtube channel.

Anomalyst Segara Concert Album Showcase
“Segara” CD

Reporter: Narisha Zulkarnain/Photo by: Raditya Satyoputra

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