Elephant Kind True Love Music Video
Press conference release of True Love music video
“True Love” Kills, Just Like in Elephant Kind’s New Music Video

Three girls having a fun night seems pretty harmless, right? Wait until you see the whole video of Elephant Kind‘s new visual for their latest single “True Love”. Taken from album “CityJ”, the song is picked as the last single from the album that they released last year. Last night, through a press conference held at Qubicle Center at Senopati, Jakarta the band alongside the director of the video, Jordan Marzuki previewed the video for the first time for the media. am Mastro (vocal/guitar), Dewa Pratama (vocal/multi instrument/guitar) and Bayu Adisapoetra (drum) wanted to thank the listeners for their support throughout “CityJ” promotion with this new video. “True Love was written to be an anthem for real love. Not only in words, but an intimate feeling towards each other. This is what Elephant Kind want to convey to our listeners everywhere. The past year was so amazing, we felt so much love as much as our love for them and this song represents the feeling,” said Bam about “True Love”.

Elephant Kind True Love Music VideoAs a band who put visual aspect as important as music, Elephant Kind appointed director Jordan Marzuki to helm this project as he is believed to be able to translate the lyrics of the song into a motion picture. They admitted that they want to make a horror/thriller movie for this song and the believe in him to create a great result, and they were very satisfied. Starring three young talents, Lutesha, Byby Mananggra, and Sasha Nurima, it tells a story of girls slumber party that turned into horror. The definition of “True Love” here shifts from the traditional sense and manifested into a peculiar way of love that involves blood, violence and a lot of sharp objects. “The challenge is to realize teenage horror flick genre with extreme violent scenes, in connection with the relationship between two ladies which is taboo in our culture,” said Jordan Marzuki. The video uses a lot of slow motion techniques which allow the viewers to see the facial expression’s change in the characters and how an act of killing is portrayed into something aesthetic. Watch the video from Elephant Kind with “True Love” below.