Supermusic Rockin Battle The Mighty Eight Album Launched Album Compilation from Rockin Battle Finalists

From January to May 2017, Supermusic.ID held a competition in search of new rock bands called Supermusic.ID Rockin Battle. On 25 October 2017, an album compilation was released that consists of 8 finalists. Titled “SuperMusic.ID Rockin Battle – The Mighty Eight”, the album offers various derivatives of rock music from the eight musicians there. The main winners of the competition consist of three acts which are GHO$$ (Jakarta) which fuse indie rock and hip hop, Meet After The Storm (M.A.t.S)  from Palembang which their electronic rock flair and Killa The Phia which has metal core genre. The line up also includes Kasino Brothers (Yogyakarta), Equaliz (Medan), Jakarta Blues Factory (Jakarta), THE GRGTZ (Bekasi) and Radioaktif (Bandung). Taking place at Brewerkz, Senayan City Mall, these 12 acts showcased their songs with representatives from Supermusic.ID explained about the album compilation.

“This album is dedicated to all rock music enthusiasts in the country. Eight bands in “The Mighty Eight” have different characteristics, even their origins are different. So, in terms of music, this album offers a complete package of what we call rock music generation of Indonesia. We hope that rock music lovers could enjoy the quality work from these Rockin Battle finalists,” remarked Gege Dirgantara, General Manager of Supermusic.ID. More than 1,200 bands with live audition in four cities enrolled in the program which eventually led them to do recording, mixing and mastering. Judges like Ian Antono (God Bless), Stephan Santoso (producer / Musikimia), Stevi Item (Andra and The Backbone / Deadsquad) and Imanine (J-Rocks) lent their expertise to decide the winners and finalists from the audition round. Seven bands recorded their songs at Studio Aquarius, Jakarta while GHO$$ as the winner had the right to record their song at Studios 301 and Hercules Street Studio in Sydney, Australia. Here is the compilation album which can be streamed in its digital format through Spotify, iTunes, JOOX, and many more.

 SuperMusic.ID Rockin Battle – The Mighty Eight Tracklist

  2. NALARMeet After The Storm (M.A.t.S)
  3. LE$$ – GHO$$  
  5. HEYJakarta Blues Factory
  7. I AMRadioaktif
  8. DILEMAKasino Brothers