West Java Coffee Festival 2017Need Caffeine? West Java Coffee Festival Give Free Cup of Coffee!

If you are an avid fan of caffeine in the form of coffee, then you must go to this year’s West Java Coffee Festival. From 3 to 5 November 2017, Department of Industry and Commerce of West Java Province will once again hold the annual coffee festival. The event has been held in the past two years with success and this becomes the third year of the celebration. It is said that the third will combine the concepts from the predecessor events and brings more refreshing programs and outlook. Trans Studio Mall will host the event again this year, and the visitors will be able to see the collaboration between the upstream (coffee farmers in West Java) and the downstream (coffee shops) of the coffee industry. As a daily consumer of coffee, we rarely take a deeper look into the upstream side and only put emphasize on the downstream industry that sometimes does not do the farmers justice. To give you more insights, there will be various contents in the programs that have been prepared by the organizer. There are Coffee Exhibition , Coffee Talk , Fair Trade & Coffee Businness,  WJCF Of The Day, Barista Community and many more.

The most exciting part and probably the most awaited? Free cups of coffee from the coffee shops for the visitors. These coffee shops will brew West Javanese coffee as many as 15,000 cups during the three day event! We’re talking about a lot of caffeine here, which you can inhale while you’re taking a stroll across the exhibition hall. During the festival, there will be one area dedicated as cashiers that will host all the transaction happening throughout the event. It will become a benchmark of West Java’s coffee transaction and we can record the amount of money for future’s reference. West Java will present their signature coffee beans like Gunung Tilu Coffee, Wanoja Coffee, MPIG Burangrang, Arjuna Coffee, Murbeng Puntang Coffee, Manglayang COffee, Malabar Coffee and 25 West Java original coffee beans in total. The coffee shops that participate are Roempi Coffee , Bridge Coffee, Rucker Park Coffee, Freddo Coffee, Djaman Coffee and 20 others. Get your coffee fix and appreciate local coffee farmers during WJCF 2017!