Cassette Store Day Tangerang 2017Tangerang Will Celebrate Cassette Store Day 2017 This Sunday!

Most cities in Indonesia have celebrated Cassette Store Day 2017 last weekend in 14 – 15 October 2017, and Tangerang will hold their own gig this weekend or on Sunday, 29 October 2017 to be exact. Taking place at Sandwich Attack Café, CSD Tangerang will reveal exclusive releases that includes a compilation album filled with 18 tracks from local musicians and record labels. The musicians in this album are The Cat Police, Hellens, Oscar Lolang, Peonies, Singuratic, Elenin, The Lousy Pop Group, East Wave, Buster Bunny, Ache, Fly To Get Her, RHYM, Desa Elektirk, Hary in The Afternoon, See The Eye, Timekeep, Stop Kontak and Senopit. Record labels like Langen Srawa, Kyupe Records, Soundnar Records, Black Lalay Records, Malihay Records, Tomat Records, Rewired Music and Graple Cloth participate in the making of this album and help to make it happen.

In the event, there will be live acoustic performances by The Cat Police, Horse Planet Police Department, Medja Kosong and Strip Band. A little discussion regarding cassette tapes recording will be conducted by Amar, and simultaneously there will be live t-shirt printing that costs IDR15K per t-shirt to be printed. “This scene (Tangerang) has a lot of potential to be explored. This event will be our first Cassete Store Day in Tangerang and we hope to encourage the collective spirit to live on,” said Fachri, as the representative of CSD Tangerang organizer. As expected, you can also find various record stores on the records market ready to fulfill your cassette tapes needs or maybe more as vinyls or CDs are sometimes can be found during the event. There are more than 12 record stores, zines, and others that participate on the first edition of Cassette Store Day 2017 in Tangerang. It’s free so you can take as many friends as possible and bring some extra cash for the cassette tape hunt! Find out more about the event here.