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Gardika Gigih
Get Enchanted with Live Session of Gardika Gigih Playing “Pada Tiap Senja”

Gardika Gigih is undoubtedly a talented pianist and composer, but he is also one amazing performer. When he is on stage and with his piano, Gigih is lost in his own element and takes us along with him. It is clearly shown on a live session that was just uploaded by Sorge Records, Gigih’s record label. In the video that was shot at Playhouse Bandung, the pianist played one of the track from his upcoming solo album “Nyala”. The new song is titled “Pada Tiap Senja” and unlike previous songs like “Dan Hujan I” or “Kereta Senja” which plays the dynamics since the beginning, the new song enhances the melancholic feel on the first half. It then peaks to a fast paced melodies and then fades away into a swaying outro towards the end. Speaking of which, it seems like Gardika Gigih is a truly ‘penikmat senja’ since he already has two songs with the word ‘senja’ in them.

So far, the musician hailing from Yogyakarta has released three solo singles from this album which are “Kereta Senja” which has a music video, “Dan Hujan I” and lastly “Pada Tiap Senja”. He was first known for his participation on Banda Neira’s final album as well as collaboration concert with the band who have announced their break up a while ago. His upcoming album “Nyala” will be out November 6th via Sorge Records. Sorge Records have stated that they feel challenged to distribute and promote Gardika Gigih’s music whose music is mostly instrumental. His album “Nyala” will be released in compact disc format as well as digital through Sorge Records. For those who like music from pianists like Ólafur Arnalds from Iceland, Kiasmos or Fabrizio Paterlini, Gardika Gigih’s music could be another alternative to your piano-based music. Watch his live session of “Pada Tiap Senja” below!