Go Ahead Challenge Festival 2017 Bandung
Jason Ranti
Go Ahead Challenge Festival 2017 Rolled Out Its Latest Edition in Bandung

(9/21) Monumen Perjuangan, Bandung became the venue where Go Ahead Challenge Festival 2017 rolled out its latest edition. After visiting Samarinda and Yogyakarta, the art competition also came to Bandung to exhibit the finalists’ artworks from West Java area . Go Ahead Challenge is an effort to give creative youth a platform to showcase their talents, and powered by Go Ahead People under Sampoerna Tbk. “A Space” which is the exhibition area was divided into several parts, one of them belonged to the exhibition of Go Ahead Challenge judges with the theme “Major Scale”. Other than that, 12 finalists of GAC 2017 presented their artworks from 4 sub-cultures of art which are music, fashion, photography, and visual art. There you could see some people saw the exhibit and got involved in the interactive and innovative pieces. There was also indie film screening that was enjoyed by several people. The curated artworks were done by Iga Massardi and Ardy Chambers for music, Aden Darmawan and Saleh Hussein for visual art, Anton Ismael for photography and Ajeng Svastiari and Alek Kowalski for fashion.

Go Ahead Challenge Festival 2017 BandungBesides this, there were lots of exciting gimmicks which put us in awe and bewilderment. After entering the exhibition area, we were escorted to music concert area that also got many F&B booths that served snack and drinks, creative workshop booth which was present after the exhibition area.  For the entertainers, GAC in Bandung invited some names that were frequently heard in the big or small scale music concert. There were Bottlesmoker x Stars and Rabbit, Mocca, Parahyena, Jason Ranti, Oscar Lolang x Sky Sucahyo, Tigapagi, Angsa dan Serigala. There were two stages called Festival Stage and Intimate Stage which shown two different kind of music that you can enjoy. Furthermore, Go Ahead Challenge Festival 2017 will head to Sumatra and lastly will make its final event in Jakarta around December.

Reporter & photo : Arya Zakaria