A Ghost Story Poster
A Ghost Story Poster
Review: A Ghost Story is An Enthralling Love Story of Two Individuals

What happened when you suddenly lost your loved one in an accident? The heartbreaking incident unfortunately happened to a couple named C (Casey Affleck) and M (Rooney Mara) on a film called “A Ghost Story”. The pair of lovebirds go through a relatively happy live together until one day M had to let go of C after an accident took his life away. M was crushed and seemed to live in sorrow after losing her other half. Oddly, C became a ghost after he was dead and he had the ability to see all the things that happened in his home which he lives with M. He lingered around the house and saw M from another dimension. The ghost version of C was re-imagined as a funny looking ghost that reminded us of an emoji or Japanese anime character, Kaonashi. M continued living her life after her husband passed away, and sadly C could only see her from afar until one day she brought home another man. C flickered all the lights in the house to make this man uncomfortable and leave M alone. The movie combines surreal world of a ghost’s dimension where he can go back in time to see what had happened prior to his time. It gives him a much deeper understanding and people sometimes come and go in life.

A Ghost Story - Rooney Mara
A Ghost Story – Rooney Mara

Directed by David Lowery, “A Ghost Story” once again pair up Casey Affleck with Rooney Mara who previously acted together in “Ain’t Them Bodies Saint” which was also directed by Lowery. The movie presents a powerful emotion and a tragic love story at once. Using the ratio 1:1, Lowery executed this film well and as the audience, you will feel the loss that M experienced. It also presents a pleasing visual aspect that enhances the whole vibe of the film. We recommend it for those who love drama and tear-jerking episode.

A Ghost Story - Casey Affleck
A Ghost Story – Casey Affleck