Naif 7 Bidadari Album Naif Finally Reveal New Album “7 Bidadari” in Physical Format

After a much successful album showcase last Sunday at Teater Garuda, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, veteran band Naif finally returned to the music scene with a brand new album called “7 Bidadari”. The event was also held to commemorate the band’s 22 year anniversary, which is to us, such a huge feat for a band. David, Emil, Jarwo and Pepeng might not seem as young as they used to be, but they proved their capability and showmanship through the entire show. Prior to the album release, they also revealed their lead single called “7 Bidadari” and fans could obtain the album that was released under Demajors Recordings starting from 22 October 2017. Their 22 year journey make the band do a lot of retrospective effort and contemplation throughout the whole thing in the new album. One of the single “Kenali Dirimu” which has the lyrics that translates to ‘know yourself’ has the philosophy of NAIF going back to their roots by knowing themselves better. “It’s called returning to our roots. We try to create past moments. How did it feel, when we first made songs? It must not be the same as it used to definitely,” said David Bayu, NAIF’s vocalist. From the first sound of it, Naif clearly took notes about what they were missing on their previous album “Planet Cinta”.

Naif 7 Bidadari Album
Vinyl version

“The atmosphere of the album is far more conducive than “Planet Cinta”. Internally, it is much better, there is no burden whatsoever,” said Emil. “There is no pressure or deadline at all. Since it wasn’t there, it took years to release it since the first workshop!” laughed Jarwo about the process of making this album. They also stated that they once again got together to compose the songs, like they used to do in the old days. It is nonsense to compare modern Naif to their glory days of “Mobil Balap” of “Posesif” as these guys have grown up and experienced a lot of things in the way. David ditched the bootcut trousers and now has bulked up and prefers to be bare chested on stage, and that is only the physical thing. So in conclusion, “7 Bidadari” is an attempt from them to go back and let the fans to relive the experience of listening the band in the 90’s or early 2000. Uniquely, Naif released this album in physical format which is CD and vinyl. For those who went to their showcase, they already got their copies. The rest of you who might want to get the album, it has been distributed to several record stores nearby. Go check it out and please welcome back Naif!

Naif 7 Bidadari Album
CD version