Australian and Indonesia Designers Joined Forces on Jakarta Fashion Week 2017
Chris Ran Lin on JFW 2018
Australian and Indonesian Designers Joined Forces on JFW 2018

One of the biggest fashion week in the country, Jakarta Fashion Week 2017 has started from last Saturday, 21 October and will end on 27 October 2017. On its opening day, we saw a presentation from Australian menswear designer, Chris Ran Lin. He shared the stage with two Australian alumni, Jenahara and Mellyun Xing. The Melbourne-based designer, Lin is known for his use of intricate knitted pattern with asymmetrical pattern and cutting. It resulted in a unique wool tailoring but still putting its masculinity forward. A combination of several wool knitting, from the basic to the frizzy wool knit, Lin understood this material well and he could put it onto the items with his selection of mild colors. On the other hand, modest designer Jenahara brought along her collection from Jenahara Black Label which accentuates a contemporary luxurious collection in earthy tone. It has playful twist on each piece that might make a seemingly basic wardrobe becomes more attractive. Besides modest wardrobe, there were few male outfits that were presented on the runway. Another label, Monday to Sunday created designs with a unique twist of detailing and playful cutting resulting in atypical pieces. We saw lots of patterns, fringe, and colors on the latest collection of Monday to Sunday. The designers behind these two later labels have participated in Australia Awards international business readiness short course for the fashion and textile sector.

Australian and Indonesia Designers Joined Forces on Jakarta Fashion Week 2017
Monday to Sunday on JFW 2018

The study was fully funded by Australian Government to offer the next generation of Indonesian leaders an opportunity to undertake study, research and professional development. “These designers are at the cutting edge of global fashion trends and it’s exciting to see their new collections at Jakarta Fashion Week,” said Dr. Armstrong, Australian Chargé d’Affaires to Indonesia. With its fourth participation in the annual fashion week, Australian Embassy reflects the diversity of the two countries’ relationship by showcasing the creation from both countries side by side. The combination of both Indonesian and Australian fashion powerhouse also plays a  part in the economic sector and the record states that every year, the fashion industry adds $12 billion to the Australian economy and $15 billion to the Indonesian economy. The fashion industry also employs over 220,000 Australians and 4 million Indonesians.

Australian and Indonesia Designers Joined Forces on Jakarta Fashion Week 2017
Jenahara Black Label on JFW 2018

Photo by: / Femina Group