Counting Down to Mokshfeast 2017Mokshfeast 2017 at A Hidden Beach in Malang: Nature, Sports, Music, Art and More!

Mokshfeast will hold its first edition in 2017 and the event will be going down this weekend. Mokshfeast “Discover The Hidden Land” in an urban art festival held in an open nature and organized by Mokhsa Indonesia. For two days from 28 – 29 October 2017, a hidden beach at South Malang will be the venue for 500 mokhsa people. Rachmad Setiawan as the representative from Mokhsa Indonesia explains that Malang is chosen as the host for its unique location and for the fact that the beach is surrounded by forest and hills from left to right. The event does not only offer leisure activity but also social activity since the beach is known as a place for Javanese lutung, turtle, coral reef, a pine species (Casuarina equisetifolla) and mangrove conservation. The existing activity will be integrated to the festival. It becomes an eco-tourism series with the plan to build supporting infrastructure for the ecosystem. The visitors will be able to join mangrove seed planting at the beach, coral reef planting, beach cleaning, and conservation post building for Lutung Jawa.

Counting Down to Mokshfeast 2017 Counting Down to Mokshfeast 2017A series of water sports activities will ensued and if the weather is nice, you can do kayaking, snorkeling, and paddle boarding. Traditional games like gasing, congklak, egrang, ketapel, sumprit and engklek are also prepared by the organizer for you to have the ultimate fun. Wake Up! Iris, Rasvan Aoki, Robi Navicula, Fifan Atlesta, Zamy, Halim Ardie, Claudia Jaramilo, Latex, Tantra, Lunette, Kenny Gabriel, and Metzdub are the performers that will make your Moksha experience better. An art installation will be built on Rainforest Pavillion from Muslick, Rio Krisma, Waftlab, and Klemin. The ticket for the event can already be purchased starting from IDR500,000 up to IDR2,500,000 on Sindhen App or contact the hotline at +6282230013333. There are three ticket categories with different facilities and package. Get your beach equipment ready ’cause we’re going to Mokshfeast 1.0 !

Counting Down to Mokshfeast 2017Ticket Details :

Festival 2 : Rp. 500.000/ person,
Fasilitas : Tent, Mattress, and all access facility,
Festival 1 : Rp. 750.000/ person,
Fasilitas : Shuttle, Tent, Mattress, and all access facility,
VIP : Rp. 2.500.000/ 2 persons
Fasilitas : Shuttle, Tent, Mattress, Air bed, cooler box, all access facility, & mokhsfeast merchandise (t-shirt).