Puppyhansen "Pulanglah, Kau Mabuk" SinglePuppyhansen Use Different Interpretation on Single “Pulanglah, Kau Mabuk”

We’re getting familiar with the term “go home, you’re drunk” as an expression used to shoo our drunk friends or as a wake up call. Well, the phrase is translated into Bahasa and became the title of Puppyhansen‘s new single called “Pulanglah, Kau Mabuk”. The noise pop unit from Cirebon that consists of Kacrut Kowalskii (vocal, guitar), Obeth (guitar) and Innu (drum) revealed the new track a week ago as their second single. Their journey to this second single took a year apart from their first one “Dinamit”. The band have been active playing on live shows, so maybe their business made their second single release take so long. While taking a year apart for releasing the second single, Puppyhansen are pretty consistent in delivering their music. They stay true to the style of rapid drum beats, exploration on its bass and lyrics which are both witty and sarcastic at the same time. If you listen to the track closely, you could find weird noises and sounds in the song. This sets the song apart from their debut single, a new kind of composition which could make your forehead wrinkle at first.

Puppyhansen "Pulanglah, Kau Mabuk" SingleKacrut was the one who composed this song and he explained that “Pulanglah, Kau Mabuk” is filled with different interpretation. ‘Mabuk’ or drunk in this song, is interpreted as a different kind of drunk. Instead of liquor or alcohol, our society and people in general are drunk with other things like religion, nationalism, ideology and many more. This type of drunk is even more dangerous than those who are drunk of alcohol. Kacrut said that most of these drunk people forget that there are a lot of more useful things to do than argue with each other. The phrase is used as a sarcastic retort for those who live their lives hating each other and deeming others as less than themselves. With this song, the band hoped to make them aware of such things. The single can be streamed on digital hosts and has been released during Cassette Store Day 2017 celebration in Cirebon.

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