Pijar Akhir Pekan VideoPijar Welcome The Weekend with “Akhir Pekan” Video Starring Carissa Perusset

The indie pop trio hailing from Medan, Pijar, have released a new music video “Akhir Pekan” last week and it befits to be watched as we are entering the weekend. J. Alfredo, Aul, and Ican brought some fun in the video starring lovely model Carissa Perusset. “Akhir Pekan” is taken from the band’s second EP “Ekstase”. Directed by J. Alfredo himself, the video shows that we got to have some fun even though life is hard. “Never pay attention to what has happened, let us move forward,” explained Pijar about the song’s meaning and the video itself. They stated that we should not think about the mundane things, we should just let go and enjoy fun things around us. The notion is clearly interpreted on the visual, which started off with a bunch of people dancing ecstatically on a road then the shoot changes to a party where Pijar perform with Carissa.

She seems to be bored by the party and then later approached by this guy who takes interest in her. The rest of the story, you can watch it yourself on Pijar’s Youtube channel below. Pijar have embarked on a tour to promote their latest EP across Java and Bali. Enjoy the video from the band and welcome the weekend!