Bitzmika Majestic Prince of Aljabr EPGarage Surf Rock Act, Bitzmika, Plan to Reveal EP “Majestic Prince of Aljabr”

Bandung has been consistently become a breeding ground for indie acts and one of them is called Bitzmika. Starting out their journey in 2016 by releasing their debut single “Do The Dougie”, the band have come so far and plan to release their new EP called Majestic Prince of Aljabr. They came up with the album’s name randomly while sipping on citrus flavored drinks. Consisting of Daniel Romario (drum), Dio Adhitya (bass, vocal), and Iskandar Agung (guitar, vocal), the three of them came with random words each, and voile the name of their new EP. They will still present a strong garage punk/surf rock ambience in their EP just like their previously released singles “Do The Dougie” and “Lazy”. Through the press release, it is explained that the album tells about a nerd boy who wants to conquer the world. The philosophy is this thought might occur to everyone, and everyone is basically a nerd and power-hungry. Money, popularity and materialistic things have become a desire for every human these days.

The songs in this album are hoped to encourage the listeners to be able to own this world. This fun and full of wit group of guys will release the album in both digital and physical format. The phorography for this album was done by Aldiansyah Waluyo while the record was mixed by themselves and mostly Dio Adhitya. The physical release in a CD format can be pre-ordered starting from 22 October 2017 while the digital streaming format like Spotify, Bandcamp, and iTunes will be released on 29 November 2017. Pre-order the CD of “Majestic Prince of Aljabr” and package bundle from the band here to get your garage surf rock needs from Bitzmika. Check out their early releases below while you’re at it.