MohoHero Perform at Alur Bunyi JakartaPsychedelic Ambient Group, MonoHero To Perform At Alur Bunyi

MonoHero continue their expansion outside of their home turf. After performing in Yogyakarta for a short tour promoting their EP “Shimmy and Shimmer” and latest single “Resah”, they are going to step into the capital city of Indoenesia by performing on Alur Bunyi at Goethe-Institut. The first installment of Alur Bunyi had Gerald Situmorang performing a showcase of his new album “Dimensions”, and the second one will feature this psychedelic ambient band from Malang. On Thursday, 19 October 2017, the band’s performance will be live streamed so although you could not come to their show, you’d still be able to watch them. “We got the offer from the organizer. We played in Jakarta last year in October, and one of the judge on that event recommended us to Goethe-Institut to become a performer on Alur Bunyi,” explained Arie W. Omen, the vocalist of MonoHero. Last year, MonoHero’s mastermind and founder, MF Wafy was chosen to showcase his work on ‘Pekan Komponis Muda Indonesia’ last year with the theme “Musik Eksperimental Elektronik” and he brought along MonoHero to perform there.



MohoHero Perform at Alur Bunyi JakartaThe band are enthusiastic and honored to perform in Jakarta and to be included in a such prestigious event held by the cultural foundation in the city. “We have one full hour to perform. So, we have to think about the pace of the show, besides we’re going to perform at an auditorium at GoetheHaus. We feel a little pressure by the previous performance of Gerald (Situmorang) there which was packed with people until it was overcrowded,” said Omen about his feeling and anticipation of the upcoming show. “We increase the intensity of our practice, because lately we rarely practice haha…,” he added. As a hint, the band are going to perform their newest number called “Kilau” besides their already released songs like “Escalating Wanderlust”, “Resah” and “Avaveti”. Alfian Roesman who is in charge for the band’s visual mapping also prepares something new for their show in Alur Bunyi. He said that the visual will be a narration that brings the audience to another dimension. The show will start at 7PM and it’s free of charge without reservation, so the system is first come, first serve. You’d better watch the magnificent live performance of MonoHero!

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