SUPERFINE Rabbit Hole EPSUPERFINE Reveal Latest EP “Rabbit Hole”

At the end of September, Bandung’s group SUPERFINE revealed their latest EP called “Rabbit Hole” with two songs in it. Under Bhang Records which is owned by The S.I.G.I.T’s frontman, Rektivianto Yoewono, “Rabbit Hole” EP was released as a digital format, as well as physical in the form of cassette tape. Nancy Christ (vocal), Tiar Renas (guitar), and Ghushni Ibrahim (guitar) which formed the band in 2009 offered their new exploration in music with this mini album. It is said that the album brings contradiction which has been long hidden under the concept of SUPERFINE, whether in its lyrical term or music. Prior to releasing this EP, the band has launched a single called “Sound of Silence”. Through the press release they explained that the single and album have correlation which lays on the darkness and depression. Both are process that have to gone through in life. “Whether it’s depression first, or darkness first, there is no particular order, depends on the human itself. There is no certainty which one comes first. Most certainly those two things will happen, even if it’s fake, but it can not be escaped,” said Nancy about the single and album.

SUPERFINE Rabbit Hole EPFor this album, SUPERFINE invited fellow musicians to collaborate and they are Arbi Wardani (drum), Tobieng Halim (bass), Resa Afriansyah (guitar), and Rizal Zachri (piano, synth). The recording process was done at three different studios, Escape Studios (Bandung), Infinite Labs (Bandung), and Gladiresik Music Lab (Jakarta). This album can also be found on an application called Music Art Station (MAS). which is a solution for listeners who do not have cassette tape player to be able to own the physical record. The app combines reality and digital using technology called Augmented Reality. To use it, you have to scan the cover of the cassette tape. SUPERFINE worked together with IT developer based in Bandung and 3D artist Reza Medika Wicaksono and Agus Cahyono from Semarang. For the album artwork, SUPERFINE appointed Riandy Karuniawan to create the album cover. Listen to the album by SUPERFINE called “Rabbit Hole” below.