Sinner Sway Vol.1 Report7sins DJ Team Pumped Up Friday the 13th with Sinner Sway Vol.1

13 October 2017 fell on Friday, and as Western belief says, it is supposed to be a day full of misery, bad luck, and other scary things. It was also the day for 7sins DJ Team to hold their first ever event called “Sinner Sway Vol.1”. Taking place at Levels Brewhouse, the event commenced later than scheduled which was at 9PM. The place was decorated with poster and flyers about horror stuff like movie “Pengabdi Setan”, black magic and stuff. Ascending to the second floor where the party was held, we were welcomed with the DJ who put spin on a rather different music than what we listened to in previous Halloween parties. Four DJs performed at the party, and they are Dzil, Raggil Suliza, Farah and Ekky. They took turn spinning the record on an analog turn table which was a different sight than most parties that often use digital ones. They played music the non-traditional branch of mainstream EDM and chose to put spotlight on acid, hip hop, jackin, among other stuff. More parties in the future please!

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Photo: Hanif Ardhika/Editor: Novita Widia