Ikkubaru Breeze from The Dancefloor Remix AlbumIkkubaru Get Remixed by 12 Japanese Musicians in A Compilation Album

Ikkubaru is no stranger to Japanese land as they have ventured in the land of rising sun since 2014 with the release of “Amusement Park” album. Since then, the band hailind from Bandung who bring the city pop genre are active in the Japanese market and have made multiple appearances on the media there and did a series of tour across Japan. In 2017, the band which are comprised of Muhammad Iqbal, Bannon Gilang, Rizki Firdausahlan, and Muhammad Fauzi Rahman return with new single “Skyline” but that’s not the only surprise they have in store. Twelve track makers or remixers from Japan put their own twist on Ikkubaru’s songs and made a compilation album called “Breeze From Dancefloor -ikkubaru remixies“. The songs that are remixed are taken from the band’s discography “Amusement Park” LP and “Brighter” LP. Those songs are “Chasing Your Shadow”, “City Hunter”, “Slide Away”, “Highway”, “Ride”, “See The Skies”, “Blue Waltz, Seaside”, “Love Me Again”, “Brighter”, “Eve” and of course, “Amusement Park”.

The remixers put their own signature sound and characteristics into Ikkubaru’s citypop heavy songs and the result is somewhat a mix of everything in between. The chosen track makers are TREMORELA, 909state, Pasocom Music Club, tanaka scat, Xi a.k.a.Musicarus, thamesbeat, Junya Tokuda, Yusuke Udon, Mitaka Sound, Loconyan, And Vice Versa and ゆnovation. Hope You Smile Records as the band’s record label in Japan said that they give freedom to the track makers to rearrange the songs without intervention from the label or Ikkubaru themselves. “Ikkubaru’s music has had a good reputation in Japan. I believe that this (remix album) will produce a great result since those songs have been mixed with the lates dance music trend by Japanese track makers. Besides, remix format will become a bridge for those who are fond of different music than what they used to listen. This will become a platform to gain new fans,” said Naoki Ikeda from Hope You Smile Records.

Ikkubaru Breeze from The Dancefloor Remix Album
Album artwork

The album is now available in its digital formats and is the result of  a collaboration from three record labels PlainSourRec, LazyArt, and Hope You Smile Records. Below is the tracklist of the compilation album from Ikkubaru.

“Breeze From Dancefloor -ikkubaru remixies“ Tracklist

01. Chasing Your Shadow (TREMORELA Remix) remixed by TREMORELA

02.City Hunter (909st Remix) remixed by 909state

03.Slide Away (Pasocom Music Club Remix) remixed by Pasocom Music Club

04.Highway (tanaka scat Hokuriku Expwy Remix) remixed by tanaka scat

05.Ride (Musicarus Turbofunk Remix) remixed by Xi a.k.a.Musicarus

06.See The Skies (thamesbeat Remix) remixed by thamesbeat

07.Blue Waltz (Junya Tokuda Remix) remixed by Junya Tokuda

08.Seaside (YusukeUdon 16B Remix) remixed by Yusuke Udon

09.Love Me Again (Mitaka Sound remix) remixed by Mitaka Sound

10.Brighter (Loconyan Remix) remixed by Loconyan

11.Eve (AVV Remix) remixed by And Vice Versa

12.Amusement Park (ゆnovation odekake06 Remix) remixed by novation