Synchronize Festival 2017 Report
Synchronize Festival 2017 Presented Merrier Crowd + More Exciting Performers

After three day of continuous music performances, creative bazaar and film screening, finally Synchronize Festival 2017 had to come to an end. From 6 to 8 October 2017 at Gambir Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta thousands of people swarmed up the place to see their favorite local acts performed on stage. There were five stages available, Dynamic Stage, Forest Stage, Lake Stage, District Stage and Gigs Stage. Barasuara, Adrian Yunan, Dialog Dini Hari, Efek Rumah Kaca, Mocca, Maliq & D’essentials x The Groove, Rocket Rockers, Morfem x Monkey to Millionaire, Tipe-X, and many more performed upon these stages and set a high standard of excitement for the following days. In conjunction with the festival’s opening day, there was also a countdown for Asian Para Games 2018 which was attended by our Vice President, Mr. Jusuf Kalla, couple of ministers and INAPGOC General Chief. Komunitas Gardu House, Marishka Soekarna (@drawmama), Madfire and Ahmad ‘Djali’ Rizzali also did live murals and graffiti in a collaboration joint. Prior to the D-day, David Karto as the initiator and Festival Director of Synchronize Festival uttered the purpose of the festival, “Synchronize Festival 2017 is hoped to be a platform of expression of various local collectives in their own home and also acts as a step towards the current development of local music.”

Synchronize Festival 2017 Report
Ebiet G. Ade

On Saturday, albeit raining, we saw a lot more crowd than the first day and definitely a lot more people compared to last year. If you think that the visitors were eager to see new talents, than you’d lose your bet. Because this crowd’s attentions were directed towards Ebiet G. Ade’s stage. The veteran singer performed in a minimalist format using his acoustic guitar. He sang songs like “Titip Rindu Buat Ayah”, “Nyanyian Rindu” and “Berita Kepada Kawan”. During his performance, President Jokowi came and sang along to the song. Previously there was also Indische Party who announced their tour to Europe (England & Belgium). Rollfast from Bali, Diskoraia, Jason Ranti, Jogja Hiphop Foundation, as well as Hello Dangdut Project with Andi /rif as the vocalist managed to hype up the crowd with dangdut songs. No matter how old the visitors are, where they are from, and what is their music preference, they seemed to get along just fine and danced in unison. Day 2 celebration was closed out with performance from OM PMR. Jimi Multhazam as the Art Director of the festival said, “Synchronize Festival 2017 let me design the show in my own way, which is raw, asymmetrical, and colorful. The visitors are pampered with various colors and visuals from the performers when the festival is happening.”

Synchronize Festival 2017 Report

On the last day, there were even more people who showed up to the annual music festival held by Dyandra Promosindo and Demajors. There were Youngster City Rockers from Malang, Danilla, Endah N Rhesa, Silampukau from Surabaya, Clubeighties, Kahitna, Naif, The Upstairs, Glenn Fredly and legendary rock band, Slank. Danilla and Silampukau’s stages were upgraded into bigger ones compared to last year. Danilla performed more songs from her new album “Lintasan Waktu” and people got swayed in the beautiful folk tunes by Silampukau and Endah N Rhesa. Naif got the most crowd during their set and per usual, their performance never failed to amaze us. The Upstairs on another stage got us hooked in their dance disco numbers. Slank and Glenn Fredly performed on the same time slot leading the two stages’ sounds to overlap. There was a funny coincidence when Slank’s song interrupted Glenn’s stage during his break. Instead of being upset, Glenn asked the audience to sing along to “Ku Tak Bisa” which was performed on the stage beside him. Day 3 festival was closed with Diskopantera’s set on District Stage with more people still stayed a while to dance a little more and sing for a while. Synchronize Festival 2017 offered a much better festival experience than last year, there was definitely an improvement and we would like to see new faces and new music for next year!

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Reporter & Pic : Bonifasius Eiji/Editor: Novita Widia

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