Synchronize Festival 2017 Report
Indische Party
Indische Party Announce Tour to Malaysia and Europe this October!

Indiche Party gave a surprising and happy announcement during their set at Synchronize Festival 2017. The 60’s revival band hailing from Jakarta announced that they are going to embark on a tour called “ANALOG Tour 2017”  to Malaysia, England and Belgium. The tour starts off in Malaysia where Japs Shadiq (vocal), Jacobus Dimas (bass), Kubil Idris (guitar) and Tika Pramesti (drum) are scheduled to perform on 13 October 2017 or tomorrow at ATAS by Bijan FX in Petaling Jaya alongside Noh Saleh’s band, Da Vagabonds. While in Europe the band who have released two LPs will perform at Rich Mix Cultural Foundation, London, UK on 20 October 2017 and Les Brigittines, Brussels, Belgium on the next day. Their coming to these countries in Europe is based on invitation by Europalia Arts Festival, a biennale international art festival which is held in Belgium and neighboring countries. They have prepared a special theme for their set which is “Indonesian 60’s & 7o’s Night” in which David Karto would come along to play his vinyl selection music. He picks songs from Flower Girls, a tribute band for Dara Puspita in which Tika Pramesti becomes the drummer.

Indische Party ANALOG Tour 2017“Actually the concert for Europalia Arts Festival has been planned since mid 2016, especially for Flower Girls who need more preparation as a tribute band. We’re very happy to have a chance to participate in an initiation to relive Dara Puspita’s golden era and introduce Indische Party in Europe for the first time,” said Tika. Japs Shadiq added, “This is actually our second time coming to London, after previously did a recording session at Abbey Road Studios. However, this time will be more fun since we are performing. After recording the music in the country where our music is inspired from, now Indische Party return to present the result.” Indische Party’s tour to Malaysia and Europe becomes their chance to promote their latest album “ANALOG” as well as the independent music of Indonesia. Break a leg guys!