Cassette Store Day 2017 YogyakartaYogyakarta Welcomes Cassette Store Day 2017 with Celebration!

Cassette Store Day 2017 is happening this October and Yogyakarta is one of the city in Indonesia that will celebrate it. On 14 October 2017, at Angkringan Sari Dele, the celebration of cassette tape will happen for the fourth times. A series of exciting programs have been prepared by Jogja Records Store Club as the organizer. There will be physical records bazaar, music discussion, special release and music performances. A total of 29 record labels from Yogyakarta, Solo, Klaten and Jakarta will become the tenants this year and they are: Rilisan Fisik; Wlrv Records; Samstrong Records; DoggyHouse Records; Jesuiscidal x AltarApokalips; Deep X Pengerat Shop; 42 music Store; Squonk_enterprise (Solo); Disko hobi (Solo); Mr. George_musicstore (Solo); _retroactive; UD Barokah; Psysical sound; Jajanmusik Berlimunlownoise; Nur Kaset; Rudi Kaset; Solonesia (Solo); Loyal Diseri; Well Kaset & Book; Racun_records_store (Jakarta); LKLJJN (Klaten); Metal Shop; Raraxassette; Toko musik Luwes; Otakotor records X Yogya Musik Store; Mindblastwork; Yohanes antik & kaset; Yes No Shop; Folksy Press; Lendir Kobra; and Lokananta (Solo).

The exclusive releases include WLRV Records who will release Black Rawk Dog’s album “Suburban’s Folk Stories”, Relamati Recors & Noise Bombing who releases split tape from To Die and Gamnad737 from Bangkok, Mindblasting Records  who releases records from several noise bands like Eira and Suffer in Vietman, DoggyHouse Records who will release Sentimental Moods’ bundling package of “Semburat” cassette tapes with t-shirt, and a split tape berween To Die and Seahoarse under 100.000 label. Meanwhile as entertainment, there will be performances from Dea Karina, Olu Korpe, Mantram and Syarif Hidayatullah which starts from 5 PM. Last year’s event was held at Bentar Budaya Jogja and hopefully this year will be more festive. The event is absolutely free of charge, and you can take as many as cassette tape fans with you. There will also be other cities that will follow Yogyakarta’s footstep to hold Cassette Store Day.

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