Iko Uwais Beyond Skyline MovieNot Only Acted, Iko Uwais Also Choreographed the Fighting Scenes on “Beyond Skyline”

The involvement of Iko Uwais on Hollywood produced science fiction movie “Beyond Skyline” has been spread since earlier this year. Speculations emerged whether the actor will play a big role in this movie, and the wonders have been answered through a press conference held last Thursday, 5 October 2017 at Lounge XXI Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta. Wearing a casual t-shirt, the husband of singer Audy Item flaunted his fit body as he greeted the press for his movie “Beyond Skyline”. The movie is the second installment of a science fiction flick that was released in 2010 titled “Skyline”. The sequel has Iko Uwais play the role of Sua, a Laotian guerilla soldier who rebels against the alien that invaded their land. Through the press con, it was also revealed that the actor of “The Raid” also participated in creating the fighting choreography for the movie. He was assisted by Yayan Ruhiyan (who plays as The Chief) in this part to create the perfect fighting scene between human and aliens.

Iko Uwais Beyond Skyline Movie
Iko Uwais’ scene on Beyond Skyline

Iko further explained about the shooting process that were done in two locations in Indonesia, Batam and Yogyakarta. “Although it is set in Laos, the shooting was done in Indonesia. In Batam, we mostly did the shooting in a studio while in Yogyakarta we used Prambanan Temple as the set. Since it is supposed to be in Laos, the director edited the temple so it did not look exactly like Prambanan Temple,” he said. As for the film which used CGI for the aliens, Iko did not find difficulties in creating the fighting scene or interacting with the alien. He spilled that the director has previously given him a brief about how the aliens would look like, so he could imagine it well. The cast who played the alien also used prosthetic legs to make them appear taller than the human. Liam O’Donnell as the director also gave him freedom to create the choreography and said he was such a fan of the first installment of “The Raid”. The movie is starred by Frank Grillo (Mark) who was attacked by aliens on a subway. The movie will be screened nationwide starting in November, a week earlier than its worldwide release. Stay tuned!