Jokowi Enjoyed Synchronize Festival 2017Jokowi Enjoyed Synchronize Festival in The Midst of Rain

Rain did not have the power to stop the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo or friendly addressed as Jokowi to attend Synchronize Music Festival 2017 on Saturday, 8 October 2017. Held at Gambir Expo Kemayoran, the commander in chief of the country seemed to enjoy the multi genre music festival in the midst of pouring rain. He appeared on Distric Stage while legendary musician, Ebiet G. Ade performed on stage. The audience seemed bewildered by the coming of the president who was accompanied by a group of Presidential Security Force, as well as Head of Bekraf, Mr. Triawan Munaf and General Chief of INAPGOC, Mr. Raja Sapta Oktohari. Ebiet G. Ade presented his famous song “Berita Kepada Kawan” for Jokowi and the crowd sang along to the familiar tune.

Jokowi Enjoyed Synchronize Festival 2017
Ebiet G. Ade

He was then approaching Lake Stage when metal band, Deadsquad were performing. The 56-year-old president who used to be the Governor of Jakarta is known to be a metalhead, whose love for the likes of Metallica, Nazareth, Scorpion, Guns N’ Roses, Lamb of God has become a common knowledge. He seemed to enjoy the music and overall ambience of the festival and according to Detik, his visit to the music festival held by Dyandra Promosindo and Demajors wasn’t accompanied by his family members.

Jokowi Enjoyed Synchronize Festival 2017Furthermore, the president also took his social media and did live broadcast on his Instagram @jokowi to show the festivity of the event. He did not seem to be bothered when some people asked for a selfie with him and he also got the chance to visit Bekraf’s booth in the area. His usual semi-formal white shirt attire was changed into a casual style when he changed into Synchronize Festival’s official t-shirt. Jokowi then enjoyed the reggae and ska tunes that Yogyakarta’s band, Shaggydog showcased on Dynamic Stage. Back in August, Jokowi also visited We The Fest 2017 which was held at the same spot as Synchronize Fest to better understand the youth’s current culture and the state of our creative industry. His coming to music festivals becomes a never ending support towards Indonesia’s music industry and hopefully he took a note or two after his visit to better improve our creative industry.

Pic by: Bonifasius Eiji