Rich Chigga Chaos Music VideoRich Chigga Celebrates 18th Birthday with New Single “Chaos”

Brian Imanuel a.k.a rap sensation Rich Chigga has just turned 18 last September and besides getting a special gift from Post Malone in the form of gospel choir singing to “Glow Like Dat”, the man also released another new single titled “Chaos”. Under 88rising, he revealed the music video for this single. Albeit it’s already autumn, seems like everyday is a summer day when you have just entered adulthood. The video directed by James Defina and Brian Imanuel himself, shows an exciting pool party filled with gorgeous ladies who according to Chigga in his lyrics, “can legally have sex with me”. The song also tells about Chigga’s experience of staying in the States where he’s currently scheduled to embark on a tour called “Come to My Party” that will wrap up this November. The beats and bars are still kept fresh and honest with a hint of Chigga’s comedy antic.

Rich Chigga has released several singles starting from his breakthrough hit “Back At It” last year, and since then he’s on the way to stardom with recognition from established rappers and other hip hop peers. In the video of “Chaos”, we can see the return of his signature shorts and socks combo in his outfits. The brother of famed fashion blogger in Indonesia, Sonia Eryka, used to shuffle back and forth from United States to Indonesia to complete his album, but now mostly spends his time in the States for his tour. For the latest updates from the MC, you can peek his Instagram which is full of meme material, or take a look at 88rising’s channel on Youtube. The single “Chaos” can be heard on digital streaming services and its sunny music video can be watched below. Happy birthday Brian Imanuel! Don’t grow up too fast, adulthood sucks!

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