Polka Wars Seek Lyrics VideoInterpreting New York through Polka Wars “Seek” Lyrics Video

In 2016, Polka Wars won a competition held by sneakers brand Converse and as a winner they had a chance to fly to Brooklyn, New York to record a session at Converse Rubber Tracks Studio. “Seek” is one of the result of their recording as well as the whole “E P / N Y” mini album. The song is chosen as the second single from the band after their first one “Rangkum” which is their first ever song in Bahasa. In conjunction with the EP release, Polka Wars also sat down with Vice Indonesia to talk about their origin, music, and new album. According to the interview, the band that consist of Karaeng Adjie (vocals, guitars), Billy Aulia Saleh (guitars), Xandega Tahajuansya (bass) and Giovanni Rahmadeva (drum), said that they use vague and rather poetic lyrics to conceal their inner feelings that might be too embarrassing if it is told explicitly. “There were a lot of personal (topics) that we consciously obscured the meaning of the lyrics and made them vague. Maybe it would embarrass us too much if they were too obvious. After all, it’s us sharing our hearts and what embodies us. What is actually, personal we turn into something (that sounds) fictional. We are shy people”, said Rahmadeva.

“Seek” is said to be the most representative song about New York since it was recorded there. Starting from the vibe and the whole process screams New York and the lyrics video for the song further laments what they just explained. Directed by graphic designer @dhiwankokoro a.k.a Kokoro, the video combines footage of New York as well as “E P / N Y” visual in a monochromatic tone. Furthermore, the band who debuted with album “Axis Mundi” also spilled about their forthcoming record which is said to contain other songs in Bahasa. They also hinted about another collaboration or remix album which is currently kept secret. For certain, it is slated to be released within 2017 so you’d better stay tuned. Watch the lyrics video for “Seek” in all of their melodic rock glory below.