Lizzie Outermost EPRock Group, Lizzie Finally Reveal Their Debut EP “Outermost”

New roster under FFWD Records, Lizzie finally reveal their debut EP called “Outermost” on 1 October 2017. Izma Imansyah (vocal, guitar), Tubagus Rizqan (guitar), Charlie Albajili (bass) and Azar Fareeza (drum) have previously shared three tracks, two in 2016 which are “P.O.V” and “Lust Slaver” and another single called “Decider” in 2017. These three songs as well as other songs on the EP showcase Lizzie’s identity in music which includes thick distortion, rapid drums, and varying bass thumps. Well judging by the tunes we’ve listened briefly in “Outermost” album, Lizzie do not hold back in serving us raw rock music enhanced with the constant head bangs from these guys when they perform live. They cited Josh Homme’s band Queens of The Stone Age and Foo Fighters as their influence in music. “Outermost” contains a deeper meaning in contrary with the title itself.

Lizzie Outermost EP“Outermost” means the outermost part of life in society that we rarely put our attention to, unknown, and hidden behind thick layers of materialistic things. “Decider” for example, talks about the absolute control and war that can’t be won. While “Lust Slaver” is about the maniac side of a human and “Holy Man” is about death and despair. Lizzie also have released a black and white music video for “Decider” a while ago. “Decider is a symbol, a symbol of power supremacy of the dominant. But there is also a resistance to rebel. The rebels appear on the outermost part of society. Without support, without power, but still persist to go against the dominant because the core of society is sometimes put aside until it reaches the outermost part. This is why “Decider” is chosen because it it the most suitable song that becomes a beginning of every story from our upcoming EP, ‘Outermost'”, explained Izzi about “Decider”. Their album can be listened in digital format through several digital streaming services as well as in its physical release on record stores. It is hoped to be an introduction for Lizzie to a wider mass and Izma, the vocalist also wished that they could be accepted well. For more info regarding the band, follow them here and stay tuned to FFWD records social media.